Guerilla Graffix, Inc. opened its doors. July of 2001 as a small print shop with 2 automatic machines and approximately 10 employees. In the ensuing years, we have grown into a complete fulfillment facility with 10 automatic machines, over 90 employees, 5 automated packaging lines and complete private label services with a capacity of 35,000 impressions daily. We are centrally located at the “Crossroads of America” in Rockford, Illinois only 10 minutes from the second largest UPS terminal in the US.


Guerilla began as a contract printer focused mainly in the Rock N’Roll Industry, providing various types of printed garments to touring bands such as Matchbox 20, NSYNC, & Slipknot. Since then we have become the #1 outsource printer for Reebok and a leading outsource printer for NIKE. In doing so, the scope of our abilities has grown to encompass packaging and shipping directly to large retail store chains such as Kohl’s, Hot Topic, Spencer's, JC Penney, and Wal-Mart. Web based businesses such as Amazon have become major ship points for Guerilla's work. Our consistent quality and can-do attitude make us the “go to guy” for our clients regularly.


We have been involved in national “Hot Market” printing for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, AFL and NCAA. The principles of Guerilla Graffix have been successfully involved in hot market printing and shipping for more than 20 years therefore they understand the special needs of such programs. This specialty niche of screen-printing requires high quality, fast turnaround product to be printed, packed and shipped all over the country within 24 hours of the final game.


As a screen-printing company, Guerilla Graffix is always on the leading edge with new processes and products. As an outsource printer for companies such as Reebok and NIKE we are required to successfully utilize all the newest techniques and fashion innovations. Our Research & Development people continually strive to make a better product, often improving not only the product but the technique as well. As a beta test site for M & R Sales & Service Inc., the world leader in textile screen-printing equipment, we help fine tune the newest equipment hitting the market. Last year we installed a semi-automatic ink system that allows us to custom match and mix any color in under 5 minutes and our in-house art department can take a design all the way from concept to production. For the past several years we have effectively utilized two M&R direct to screen imaging systems. This process gives a depth of detail previously unheard of in the market. We are well versed in the uses of such specialty processes as high-density inks, gels, foil, puff, sugar glitter, caviar beads and simulated process.


In 2004 we purchased and renovated a thirty-five thousand square foot building in Rockford and we added an additional seventeen thousand square feet in 2010. Our new, expanded facility will allow us to grow and continue moving forward in the coming years. We are continually upgrading our printing, packaging equipment, relabeling equipment and garment selection to reflect the latest innovations in the industry. With over 200 years of experience and our attention to detail, outstanding quality record, and central location, Guerilla Graffix, Inc. is the ultimate in complete screen-printing and fulfillment facilities.