The retail graphic tee market place is highly competitive. The ever-changing nature of the apparel trend market has forced retailers into inventory supply chains that are extremely automated. For the last 16 years Guerilla, has been a working participant in the retail logistics evolution. Shipping millions of decorated tees to market. We have collaborated with our customers on everything from the size of polybags to custom hang-tags printed in multiple languages.  We, fold, hang tickets, polybag and apply stickers as well as any other custom packaging service that may be required for successful on time shipment. Attention to each individual packaging detail is extremely important in making a successful mid-tier or box store shipment. Every order large or small builds our customers retail record of accomplishment. Your brand success is our mission. As retailers, have developed intricate vendor’s manuals we have kept pace, constantly adapting to ever changing demands. The smallest detail such as label placement on a specified carton can cause a firestorm of delays at a distribution receiving center or generate charge-backs if not placed properly. Scheduling in advance, organization combined with years of real world experience shipping to retailers makes Guerilla the perfect home for your company’s product finishing processing.

Our experienced team packs and ships millions of screen-printed custom branded graphic tees to the domestic mid-tier retail and e commerce store shelves each year. Your personal Guerilla customer service representative will review, monitor required packaging materials and constantly evaluate how to improve and streamline your process requirements in an effort to allow you the customer to do what you do best sell shirts.


Here is a partial list of retailers we ship to for our customers:





Spencer’s Gifts

Hot Topic



Cracker Barrel


JC Penney


Dicks Sporting Goods





Casual Male





Bass Pro

Children's Place


Books A Million

Coast City

Diamond Comics


HMV Canada

Newbury Comics


Urban Outfitters


This list is constantly changing and evolving with new and exciting customer challenges. Listed below are some of the services we provide:


Neck Labels


Fold and Bag

Price Tickets


Apply UPC Stickers

Apply Hangers

Size clipping hangers



Print Box Labels

Direct Store shipping

DC Shipping

E commerce



Today more than ever the demands of the retail market are changing quickly.

One tweet can change a fashion trend or spur a garment craze developing new opportunities and creating new processing requirements. Our mission is to partner with our customers to develop and execute packaging and processes to put shirts in your customer’s hands faster at higher quality levels than ever before. Let us help build your success, contact Guerilla Graffix and together we can evaluate your packaging and processing needs to develop and deliver a plan that works for you.